Salome Diaz ( Choreographer)

 Salome Diaz – Performer

Salome Diaz is a professional dancer, choreographer  and dance instructor based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. She was born and raised in Mexico City where she received her early dance training in ballet and modern dance and graduated from the National Institute for Fine Arts in 1984. In January of 1993 Salome began training in modern dance and Butoh with Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi, founders of Kokoro Dance and has danced in the company since. Some of the major works she has appeared in are Sunyata (1997), X x-roads (1999), Crime Against Grace (2002), Embriotrophic Cavatina (2002), Sheep Man Dreams (2004), a solo piece created for her by Jay Hirabayashi with music by John Adams entitled Christian Zeal and Activity (2004). This piece was premiered at the Vancouver International Dance Festival (2004) in a program entitled Say a Prayer which was a collaborative venture between the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Kokoro Dance, and in 2006 she performed in the 30th anniversary of MOSAIC the solo choreographed by Barbara Bourget “Falling Down”.

Salome is currently exploring how the depth and the scope of her culture, her personal history and her past experience as both a contemporary and butoh dancer meet and integrate. Her most recent performance of a solo choreographed by Donna Redlick entitled “Some times it never leaves your skin” and a “Happiness” choreographed by Barbara Bourget are the beginning of this new journey.



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