Project CPR – Mandate

Project CPR gives choreographers and dancers the opportunity to research, discuss, create, and present dance in a group context.  Project CPR provides space, ensemble, dialogue, education, mentoring from senior choreographers and dancers, community connection,  workshops, debate, and facilitated creation periods – designed to help bring visions to life.

There are two phases to the project-  1) Research and Creation, 2) Selected Research Presentation.

Phase 1) 6 weeks. 3 choreographers share between 15 and 21 hours per week. 5-8 dancers are involved in all 3 choreographic processes. Choreographers are encouraged to observe each others’ processes.  All participants work together to delve deeper into their practice through a facilitated process. Processes are facilitated/ monitored by Claire French.  Guest mentors are invited into each process mid-way through.  Free public sharing at the end of Phase 1. Feedback/ Dialogue is always encouraged.

Phase 2) 6 weeks.  24 hours per week. 2 weeks per choreographer. Choreographers work with a number of Phase 1 dancers ( not necessarily all of them).  Ideally dancers will be involved in at least 2 of the processes. More intensely focused on each process. Choreographers  select research that they are most interested in refining and taking through to a production phase. 20 mins of researched material will be presented to include some production elements.



Project CPR Director: Claire French


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