Project CPR 7

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This year is slightly different. I say that as if each year has been the same. Those who have followed CPR know that this is not in fact the case. Each year has been quite different. But with only two  official choreographers in Phase 1 of CPR 7 and with only 1 ensemble work, this is quite different in structure. There has been so much interest from solo dancer/creators this year. In my view, this reflects  a change in the contemporary dance climate, in Vancouver particularly. I could go into why, but I am not sure that this is the place. I will save that for its own post.


I think Phase 2 might look different again. Stay tuned!


Mahaila Patterson O’Brien

Erin Lequereux

They will each have their own page on this site.

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2015-11-26 15.45.30.jpgI am also not in Vancouver. I am studying for a Practice as Research PhD in the UK at The University of Chichester.

I will be creating a blog for this research too but for now I am still finding my way through the process of reframing my own approach to practice.


I am enlisting Vancouver based artists to visit the rehearsals of CPR 7’s participants. We are all so busy and productive and niche-y. I love it. Naomi Brand is the current mentor. I will be back in Vancouver mid-April to May to guest mentor my own program. I am grateful that it can still run and be supported by some members of the community.