CPR 4.0 Dancers’ Bios and Goals

Kathryn Carlberg

Kathryn is thrilled to be involved for the second time in Project CPR. In 2012, she participated in Project CPR 3.0 as dancer  in the creative works of Salome Diaz, Jennifer McLeish-Lewis, and Patricia Kim. Kathryn went on to perform Jennifer McLeish-Lewis’ piece Soft Animal in Nanaimo as part of Leaving Traces: New Dance Works, and as a soloist at the Tremors Performing Arts festival and at A Dime a Dozen showcase. Kathryn is a 2012 Simon Fraser University graduate with a BFA in contemporary dance and a BBA in marketing. In 2010 she performed at the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Participating in SFU’s Field School program, Kathryn travelled throughout Ghana in 2009 to study traditional West African dance and culture.  Beginning her training at age 5; Kathryn has excelled in completing all Royal Academy of Dance Graded and Major ballet examinations including Advanced 2. Kathryn is currently working towards her Certificate in Ballet Teaching from the RAD.

CPR Goals:

1. pushing self-imposed limitations- take risks
2. work on my dynamic range
Dancer Goals
1. Network with choreographers- build relationships
2. Understudy/Apprentice with choreographer
Kara Nolte 
Kara is an independent dance artist. Currently she is engaged with Project CPR and in a site specific dance work choreographed by Anna Kraulis. She teaches and facilitates creative workshops with non-professional dancers. A piece she wrote called “Trust God, Find Money” will be displayed at a curated art event in Zurich, Switzerland later in spring 2013. She received two Advanced Arts Study Awards from the Vancouver Foundation to train in dance at Arts Umbrella. Later she attended the Ailey School and Modus Operandi and studied theatre at Douglas College. Kara apprenticed with MOVE: the Company, toured nationally with Judith Marcuse Projects, and aided in the creation and direction of the new company Give Me Brilliance.

 Project CPR Goals:

  1. Be in the studio with other working dancers and choreographers
  2. Observe creative process and mentor-ship relationship to inform own questions about choreography

 Dance Career Goals: 

  1. Begin working on own choreography
  2. Attend Dance Journey to Israel with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
Anna Kraulis 
Anna is a Vancouver based dancer/choreographer with a keen interest in merging art with environmental issues, activism and social change. Since 2011 she has enjoyed working for Joe Ink’s Move It! community dance project and presenting her choreography at a wide assortment of places including The Interplay Projects, BC Buds Spring Arts Fair, Bloom, Parade of Lost Souls and Toronto Urban Film Festival.  Anna is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s dance program and co-founder of the grassroots organization Art for Impact.CPR Goals: To learn fresh ways of approaching ideas and to engage with the choreographic process and the people involved in it openly and freely.
Dance/career goals: To integrate creation, performance and activism. To make and be involved in work that engages with broader social issues and the community at large.

Eloi Homier Bergeron

Eloi is a dancer and versatile artist who has performed across Canada and the United States, with companies and choreographers including Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Henry Daniel, Ballet Kelowna, Judith Garay, Compaigni V’ni Dansi, and Roxey Ballet. Specializing in improvisation, he has recently started to explore choreography, presenting his first work 3 ways to kill a dancer which mixed all of the different elements of his dance background. Eloi continuously finds new inspiration for movement and performance by experiencing a variety of dance styles, as well as many different kinds of physical activities outside of dance.

CPR Goals:
To be exposed to a variety of choreographic styles and processes.
To collaborate with the choreographers in creating work that is true to their respective visions, while being true to my own dance style.
To continue to expand my performance abilities and learn more about the choreographic process, as I am also beginning to explore the creation of dance myself.
Dance Career Goals:
My main goal as a dance artist is to create dance work that is engaged in environmental activism and find ways to make it easily accessible for the masses. The reason I want to reach the masses is because I believe the world needs to become more conscious about environmental issues and I believe dance and performing arts have the power to convey that message to the world in a meaningful way. 

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