Alastair Knowles









Alastair Knowles is an award winning visual artist, a principal dancer and performer for Vancouver’s critically acclaimed Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret (, and spearheaded the formation of the clown trio, the Superhero Boy Band ( Studying visual art and graduating with honors from the University of British Columbia, completing the clown program at Fantastic Space Enterprises, along with a constant study of dance, Alastair is dedicated to presenting a multidisciplinary approach to performance. He has performed in and contributed to the script development of 7 feature-length theatre productions, countless community events, fundraisers, and festivals, including directing the 2009 In The House Festival finale. His art and performance focuses on personal development to ultimately strengthen community and create a platform for social justice.Impulsive comedy plays an integral role in his performance style and is entrenched in his work. Whether in large group shows or solo public performances, his delight is clearly present. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re missing the biggest joke of your life.” Alastair can. And does.



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