Mahaila Patterson- O’Brien (Project CPR 7)


Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien is an emerging dance artist in Vancouver, BC. She studied at SFU School for the Contemporary Arts.


She has also studied with Constance Cooke and Jung-Ah Chung in Victoria, BC, previous to moving to Vancouver.  As well, she studied at the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg and at the University of Winnipeg.



During her time at SFU she had the opportunity to perform in the works of Crystal Pite, Charlotte Boye-Christensen, Santa Aloi, Rob Kitsos, Henry Daniel, Katie DeVries, Andrea Nan, and Desirée Dunbar among others.

As a choreographer her work has been presented at multiple venues inside and out of SFU, this includes 12 Minutes Max 2015, Dance Allsorts 2016, Romp Festival 2015 (Victoria, BC), ASCENSION 2013 and 2014, SFU Dance Student Mainstage, Launch! Festival 2014, Ignite Youth Festival 2013, and Light on Our Feet (Victoria, BC).

She has produced three shows that highlighted her work along with others, Emergence (SFU Dance Grad Show), x2 (Alucinari + L I L A C), and ASCENSION 2014.

Many of her pieces are collaborations with composers and new media artists. 

“For this process I am trying to find new ways to create that allows for more interaction between the dancers. Previously in my work the dancers have acted mostly as individuals or isolated units.  I am now trying to open up possibilities for physical connection and reliance on each other. I am also working with patterning, and how patterns and physical connection can combine.” Mahaila, 2016

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