CPR 6.1 Open Rehearsals

We have come to the end of Phase 1 for the 6th year of Project CPR. In the past we have invited an audience to a sharing of all three works back-to-back. While we are still encouraging (in fact craving) feedback, this year we are trying something new. Each choreographer is opening up the last 60-90 minutes of their process to an audience this week. They might still be rehearsing but you are welcome to observe and even join in discussions and share your experience of the work as it happens!

These open rehearsals are at The Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street.

Ask for Restless Productions/ Project CPR 

Here are the dates and times:

Monday 9 March 5pm-6pm: Kelly McInnes

Wednesday 11 March 1pm-2pm:  Julia Carr/ Body Narratives Collective

Thursday 12 March 2pm-3pm: Carolyn Schmidt

Photo: Claire French  Choreographer: Kelly McInnes (Project CPR 6.1)

Photo: Claire French
Choreographer: Kelly McInnes (Project CPR 6.1)

Thanks to The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts for all of the studio support through Phase 1.

We look forward to our return for Phase 2 in the Summer. It is a privilege that we truly appreciate. 

Restless Productions was awarded a project grant for Phase 2 this year through The Canada Council for the Arts- Support Services to the Dance Milieu. We are delighted to finally receive financial support and recognition for this program. Thank you to everyone who has participated and helped in its development so far.

See you later this week.    

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